Specialty Shredding

Dispose of your medical records (HIPAA compliance) and any obsolete IT assets in a secure and convenient way. We provide a pallet box (for larger projects) or prescription pill bottle collection bins, you fill it, we collect it and securely dispose. All for a single price with no hidden fees.

  • Items are taken to our offsite facility for secure destruction.
  • Electronic waste container provided. Best for smaller devices, such as smart phones and small media drives.
  • Recycling box and pallet - Best for larger devices, such as desktop computers and monitors.
  • Pill Bottle bins for prescription bottles to protect confidential health information (PHI).

Related Secure Services

Find the service that best suits your company's needs. We're flexible and ready to help!
  • Recurring Shredding

    Our recurring shredding service will provide your company with complimentary bin(s) and destroy your documents and/or prescription bottles on-site at regularly scheduled intervals.

    Standard Shredding

  • One-Time Shredding

    Our secure paper shredding service makes it easy to manage office clutter. Our One-time paper shredding services can help you clear out old records and safeguard your information in no time.

    Standard Shredding

  • On-Site Bulk Paper Shredding

    Papers shredded at your location.

    Bulk Shredding

  • Off-Site Bulk Paper Shredding

    Boxes picked up & shredded off-site

    Bulk Shredding

  • Secure Document Storage

    Free up office space by relocating your records to IT Disposal USA's secure storage facilities

    Non Shredding Service

  • Why IT Disposal USA is the right choice for your business?

    IT Disposal USA offers secure document destruction services to protect the sensitive information of organizations and their stakeholders. IT Disposal USA's primary focus is on document confidentiality and security, ensuring that clients' confidential information is always protected.

    • Reduce Costs

      IT Disposal USA has 100% confidence in it's ability to dramatically reduce the costs of your business's shredding needs.
    • Security Compliance

      IT Disposal USA adheres to the highest standards of compliance; along with federal, state and NSA & NAID AAA guidelines.
    • Turn-key Service

      IT Disposal USA's secure shredding integrates seamlessly with your business's operations with on or off premises secure disposal.
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